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  • What is maintenance of LED display?

    LED display is commonly seen nowadays. When speaking of maintenance of LED screens, we usually refer to the front and rear maintenance method.

    Front Maintenance

    One distinctive character of front maintenance is its being space-saving. For most indoor LED displays and inlaying-installed LED displays, saving space means everything. And front maintenance type screen has a ultra slim structure. This type of display usually has very high requirement in heat dissipation ability.

    Rear Maintenance

    LED displays produced by China manufacturers are usually designed with back doors. That's what we called rear maintenance type. Rear maintenance is convenient to outdoor spectaculars and some other installations. Usually there will be a back-end passage for technicians to check and fix the LED display.

  • How to Select Warehouse LED lights?

    How to select warehouse LED lights has been a constant topic among buyers. According to our technicians, visual requirements, cargo characteristics and environment conditions should all be taken into consideration when designing warehouse lighting solution, so as to achieve a properly distributed lighting environment with excellent CRI and brightness.

    To get an ideal warehouse lighting, we need to take the following factors into consideration.

    1. Energy saving capability

    People have different lighting needs in different situations. An intelligently adjusted LED lighting system can meet different dimming needs.

    2. Security

    Warehouse LED lights should ensure safe and reliable function under dust, corrosion environment.

    3. Lifespan

    Warehouse LED lights with high stability and long lifespan are preferred to decrease the maintenance cost.

    4.Height of Warehouse or Story Height of Cargo Shelf

    Clients should select their warehouse LED lights with a proper power wattage based on the height of the warehouse.